Automation and DevOps, the EdgeSoft Corp way

People often describe DevOps as an assembly line of a factory, where at one end of the DevOps line we put in simple code and obtain finished software from the other. At EdgeSoft Corp, our DevOps Engineers strive to bring about a level of automation we like to call “The Dark Factory”, as most of the tasks are performed in the dark, controlled by a team of expert supervisors.

At the EdgeSoft Corp DevOps Factory, a submitted code is at first, reviewed automatically. Reviews are made in order to determine its dedication towards coding standards as well as static analysis and security vulnerabilities. This is not the end though; another round of tests is conducted once the first round is passed. Tests are done for automated integration, performance, etc. Once the codes pass these reviews, they are deemed as ready for deployment.

EdgeSoft Corp is capable of deploying them in a provisioned environment that our highly skilled teams have set up. During deploy time, all the software configurations and networks are ready to roll. The app health or application health is monitored at all times and with the utmost care. Spontaneous dashboards help to monitor the actual production runtime performance. The system is so maintained, that in case any issues or anomalies are detected within the system, it can self-heal.

The days of soiled development and slothy operations teams are over. The DevOps Engineers in EdgeSoft Corp brings the world of agile development, feedback loops, team dynamics, as system administration meets operations through DevOps best practices.

Our Teams combine strengths to streamline and stabilize operations for rolling out new apps and update the code to support and improve the whole business.

At the core of DevOps lies the software lifecycle development process. Our Engineers understand what’s under the hood while running software—the hardware and operating system(s)—hence we handle bug issues, solve problems, and establish two-way communication to ensure zero downtime and operational stability.

For each type of deployment — database, API, front end and mobile — we start with a basic assembly line. The key elements to the line are Build, Unit Testing, Reporting, and Artifact Creation.

Post that The EdgeSoft Corp DevOps Engineers design a process for deploying an artifact into an environment (i.e. deploying to Test, Stage, Prod) with its native runtime configuration.

From there on, components are added to the factory. From there on EdgeSoft Corp DevOps Engineers engages in getting most ROI, either by eliminating a constraint or reducing wait time. At each stage, we try to make “everything as code.” Always strive to create both deployment and rollback and exercise the heck out of it all the time.

At EdgeSoft Corp, our best in class DevOps Engineers strive in automating everything and creating a staged platform that is a true replica of the production such that when the changes and updates are pushed through there is no downtime.

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