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Digital Experience Through Google Cloud By Edgesoft Corp

An enterprise must evolve legacy technologies operations to a modern, cloud-powered one. EdgeSoft Corp helps in providing engaging customer experiences, accelerate the time to value proposition and capitalize on digital opportunities with unparalleled security at scale.

Google Cloud is a global leader of enterprise cloud platform service providing security, agile development opportunities with an ecosystem that promotes intelligent and transformative solutions. The product of nearly 20 years of innovation in security, collaboration, data management, artificial intelligence and open-source software. Enterprises around the world use Google Cloud to become digital native, innovative, data-driven businesses. Some of Google Cloud’s key market differentiators are in the following categories:

  • Infrastructure at Scale
  • Security Leadership
  • Data Innovation
  • AI-First
  • The Open Cloud

Our expertise in Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Architecture provides us with the know-how to effectively transform your IT systems and applications using containers, seamless, zero-downtime migration and enable secure collaboration for the digital era.

Edgesoft Corp offers a wide array of cloud services and advantages designed to transform your infrastructure and applications and in turn accelerating innovation with Google Cloud Platform:

Modernizing Infrastructure & Collaboration: Our offerings migrate workloads and work-spaces from legacy IT environment into the Google Cloud by shifting data center environments into a platform with more Security, Agility and Accessibility.

Modern Data Management: Google Cloud’s innovation in data management, AI/ML and Smart Analytics is a differentiated offering in the market. EdgeSoft Corp leverages data for competitive advantage or where organizations are trying to apply AI/ML to critical business challenges.

Modernizing Applications: Google Cloud offers a scalable, secure Hybrid Cloud approach to transform applications and is optimized for Pivotal and other application frameworks.

Our Expert Google Cloud Engineers specializes in :

  • Enterprise application development with new paradigms like microservices on structured/unstructured platforms and serverless architecture;
  • Prioritizing and executing the refactoring of legacy applications to become cloud-native;
  • Managing services for infrastructure and operations;
  • Strategy, assessment and creating pattern playbooks and Leveraging Cloud benefits with low-code development to rethink delivery cycles.

Best in Class Security: Security, Governance and Compliance are top concerns. Edgesoft Corp engages in ensuring best in class Security of your environment and data for compliance through a powerful combination of certified experts and management tools.

24*7*365 Operational Support: Post Migration from Legacy to Google Cloud, EdgeSoft Corp offers 24*7*365 operational support through the implementation of best practices in order to achieve continuous service improvement and reduce operational risks through proper implementation of IT governance and technical expertise.

Cost Optimization : When current budgets and maintenance spend are tied to existing, legacy investments and not aligned to transformative efforts, EdgeSoft Corp will leverage Google Cloud Platform  and cloud AI technologies to address new threats and challenges, the need for increased security, elastic scale and adoption of new innovation so that the You achieve More at a Cost far less.

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